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Hemi Cylinder Valve Test Machine

Engine Cylinder Cutout Valve Tester

Automated end-of-line production tester for cylinder cutout valve. This machine automatically receives untested valves from the automation line and tests the opening and closing response of the valve. A robot automatically loads and unloads four test... Read More
Wheel Hub Bearing Endurance Test Machine

Bearing Endurance Test Machine Manufacturer

This transmission test machine is used for developing a variety of bearings for automotive use. The tester has two identical stations and is designed to drive the bearings to programmable high speeds while providing load in two axes. This transmissio... Read More
Common Rail Test Machine

Common Rail Fuel System Tester

This fuel system testing machine was designed to test a complete Diesel common rail fuel system, which consists of the pump, rail and injectors. The purpose of the MCM Common Rail System Bench, is to actuate a complete diesel common … Read More
Sensor Calibration Test Machine

Pressure Transducer Calibration Machine

This engine testing machine calibrates automotive engine pressure transducers in high production volumes. The system performs the tests at high temperature and ambient to compensate for thermal drift. The transducers are subjected to an ambient envir... Read More
TEHCM Custom Test Machine

Hydraulic Control Module Tester

This transmission control valve module (TEHCM) testing machine is used for developing a variety of transmission control modules for automotive use. This machine is used for developing a variety of transmission control modules for automotive use. The ... Read More
Windshield Washer Fluid Preheat Test Machine

Windshield Washer Heater Tester

We have built a variety of these windshield washer fluid heater testing machines. Machines range from manual loading and unloading to fully automatic loading. Testing involves measuring flow, temperature, current and pressure in various scenarios. Th... Read More
Custom Test Machine Components

Modular Engine Timing Machine Manufacturer

This engine testing machine is responsible for timing a modular engine on the production line. The operator uses the handlebars to “drive” the apparatus to an engine block that shuttles into place. The end effector on the timing mechanism... Read More
Fuel Pump Module Test Machine

Fuel Pump Durability Test Machine

This fuel system testing machine has two temperature controlled baths that hold fuel for testing gasoline fuel tank pump modules. The machine can measure pump speed, current draw, flow rate and fuel pressure. The bench is primarily manually controlle... Read More
Turbo Charger Test Machine

Turbocharger Production Test Machine

This machine production tests turbo chargers for full functionality using cold air. Surprisingly, not many OEM’s functionally test their turbo chargers before they leave the manufacturing plant despite the staggering number of warranty returns ... Read More
Pressure Cycle Test Machine

Charge Air Cooler Pressure Test Machine

This cooling system testing machine is a two station charge air cooler pressure cycle machine for fatigue testing at high temperature. The fixture was designed to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of Charge air cooler (CAC) devices. Air &hell... Read More
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