Water Pump Test Machine

The MCM water pump testers are designed to test a myriad of pump
functions, and are used in R&D as well as durability testing. Electric or
mechanical pump designs can be tested to ensure your product quality.


Water pumps have evolved from strictly mechanical, belt driven devices for
internal combustion engine cooling, to electrically powered modules with CAN
feedback, variable speed, and displacement control. Water pumps are integral
to cooling down today’s high temperature turbocharged engines, as well as battery pack conditioning systems, emissions component cooling, and much more. MCM will custom design and build a system for your test lab or assembly line with experience and quality.
Example Machine Features:
 Single or Multi chamber design, with or without ambient thermal control

Pump flow rates from 0-2000 L/min or greater

 Coolant temperature from -40 to 150 Deg C. at up to 4 deg/min ramp rates
 Mechanical pump speeds at 15,000 RPM or greater in belt or direct drive
 Electric pump control at variable Voltage or Current and PWM control
 NVH accelerometer measurement for pump imbalance, bearing failure, etc.
 CAN, LIN, Analog, or proprietary pump control and communication
 Fully programable PLC control with high speed DAQ

Machine Design

We design our machines to be intuitive to use. The HMI display always shows what you need to know, and more detail is possible with the touch of a finger. Tests can be configured easily remotely or locally, data collection and display is streamlined, and test control is automated and reliable. Mechanical machine setup and operation is also intuitive, with operator use and safety
top priorities in the design. We put quality and our extensive engineering and build experience into everything we do, and design and build machines you will be proud to own.

Click on the link below for the full PDF data sheet on this hydraulic hybrid testing machine, or contact us at 248-347-7900 for more information. You can also view some of the other custom Machines we’ve 

built for our customers.

Click to View Full Data Sheet

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