Programmable Fuel Injection Module Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the Programmable Fuel Injection Module or “PFIM” is to provide the consumer with a means of firing a diesel fuel injector in a manner that duplicates the vehicle application.

A typical modern electronic diesel injector requires much more power and control than a
typical gasoline injector. Usually the current delivered to the injector must be delivered at
a rate, held and then reduced once the injector actuator has moved. The reduction in
current keeps the injector solenoid from burning up once the work from the solenoid has
been done. During the holding phase, the current is dithered at a high frequency to
minimize the hysteresis within the injector. This sequence is called a shot. To complicate
matters, modern Diesel fuel injection systems require several “shots” within the
combustion phase to achieve emission goals, quiet operation and improved performance
in the engine. With the sophistication of the modern Diesel fuel injector, the timing of these waveforms is critical and directly affects the performance of the
injector and engine. The combination of OEM accuracy and control for a variety of injectors has made the task of a common ECU a challenge for the testing
industry….until now.

Module Features:

  •  Fully programmable waveform through serial port.
  •  Perfect OEM waveform duplication
  •  Able to synchronize with camshaft or fire asynchronously
  •  Operates on a single voltage
  •  Compact, self contained design is not much larger than OEM controller.
  •  Open communication protocol allows easy interface to machine controls.
  •  Included software package allows configuration from PC or Laptop.
  •  Capabilities to fire up to 6 injectors in one unit using a specific firing order.
  •  Multiple units can be connected together as master and slave to fire up to 24 injectors.
  •  Open or Shorted Injector Connection Detection

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Programmable Fuel Injection Module

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