Pressure Sensor Calibration System Test Machine Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the MCM pressure sensor calibration system is to calibrate and test production pressure sensors in large volumes. This particular system takes data at room temperature, then heat soaks the parts in an oven and then takes data again at an elevated temperature before finally flashing calibration coefficients to the sensors. The system conducts a final test and performs a leak test before considering the part good.

Calibration Methodology

A typical automotive pressure sensor is also sensitive to temperature and many of them are temperature compensated. In order to properly calibrate one of these sensors in manufacturing, pressure data needs to be collected from the sensor at ambient conditions and then again at a high temperature condition. When data is collected, the pressure that is applied to the sensor must be held extremely well during this time. Our system is able to maintain stability better than 0.03% of range in this application.

System Features:

  •  Accommodates two different styles of sensor
  •  12 parts or 18 parts calibrated at once on automated pallets
  • Calibration environment is temperature controlled to ±1 degree C in the range 27-150 Celsius.
  •  Pressure control up to 3000 Bar (44,100 PSI)
  •  Machine communicates with plant database to store interim and final results.
  •  Machine selectively performs calibration, flash programming, verification and leak test.
  •  System consists of an ambient test machine, oven, and high temperature test machine connected by conveyor.
  •  Ambient and high temperature machines are interchangeable so that batch processing with one machine is possible
  •  Individual floating seals on each part to accommodate manufacturing tolerances.
  •  Zero leak masters allow quick verification of fixture integrity.

Click on image below for full data sheet on this product or contact us at 248-347-7900 for more information.  You can also view some of the other custom Transmission Testing Machines we’ve built for other customers.

Pressure sensor test machine

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