Gas and Diesel Fuel System Test Machines Data Sheet

We have extensive experience in the diesel and gas fuel system industries, having built machines for testing injectors, tips, nozzle assemblies and pumps. We’ve also built machines to gage or set various fuel system components and other machines to endurance test complete fuel systems at accelerated conditions. If it’s not on this list, we still know a lot about diesel engines and their components and can give you an excellent solution for your testing needs.

To further our commitment to diesel, we have developed the PFIM, a stand-alone solution for firing diesel fuel injectors. Our in-house R&D department is always working for the industry.

Click on image below for full data sheet or contact us at 248-347-7900 for more information.  You can also view some of the other custom Fuel System Testing Machines we’ve built for other customers.

General fuel testing machines

Click To View Full Data Sheet

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