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Spray Angle Inspection Machine

As part of an In Process Testing Machine MCM was asked to develop an automated Spray Angle Inspection capability to eliminate operator subjectivity when inspecting for correct angles of spray streams produced by an Injector nozzle. This machine perfo... Read More

Water Pump Test Machine

The MCM water pump testers are designed to test a myriad of pump functions, and are used in R&D as well as durability testing. Electric or mechanical pump designs can be tested to ensure your product quality. Background Water pumps … Read More

Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Testing & Test Stands

  The MCM hydraulic hybrid transmission testing machine is designed to test hydraulic hybrid drive systems, being put to use on large commercial and industrial vehicles for the reduction in fuel consumption, brake wear, and CO2 emissions. The te... Read More
Rocker arm test machine

Valve Rocker Arm Test Machine Manufacturer

This machine performs an end of line test on a rocker arm used in a diesel engine. This rocker arm is unique in that it is part of an integral, engine compression brake system and has special machined oil passages … Read More

End Of Line OCV Tester

This machine is an End of Line (EOL) tester for testing oil control valves that are used to activate and deactivate an engine compression brake. The product is manually loaded by an operator into the test machine and the product … Read More

Diesel Engine Brake Test Equipment

This machine performs end of line testing on an engine compression brake assembly. The brake assembly is loaded by an operator on an entrance conveyor and a Pick and Place in the machine moves it between test, oil purge and … Read More
Engine Oil pump and Vacuum Pump Development Bench

Engine Oil Pump Performance Testing

This machine was designed with development in the laboratory in mind. This machine simulates a hot, temperature controlled oil sump and drives an oil pump, vacuum pump or both and then makes performance measurements. The machine has a temperature and... Read More
Oil Control Valve Production Test Machine

Oil Control Valve Test Machine

Automatically performs a complete functional test on an oil control valve, laser marks the part and packs it out to shipping trays. This machine is completely automated and functionally tests an engine oil control valve. Every 9 seconds a part &helli... Read More
Universal Hydraulic Test Bench

Universal Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturer

Designed for shop testing of oil pumps, valves, cylinders, and motors – MCM’s laboratory hydraulic test bench that a temperature conditioned oil supply and pressure control that OEM’s use for developing their products. This universal OEM hydrau... Read More
Engine Cam Phasing Valve Tester

Cam Phasing Valve Tester

This engine component testing machine performs an automated functional test at the end on an assembly line for a high production hydraulic proportional valve used for controlling variable valve timing. The configuration is serviced by a robot for loa... Read More
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