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Spray Angle Inspection Machine

As part of an In Process Testing Machine MCM was asked to develop an automated Spray Angle Inspection capability to eliminate operator subjectivity when inspecting for correct angles of spray streams produced by an Injector nozzle. This machine perfo... Read More
Timing Module

Timing Module

Since we design and build everything in house and are limited to virtually nothing, we sometimes encounter the situation where a particular piece of hardware does not exist for our application. In this case the application was fuel injector timing &h... Read More
Programmable Fuel Injector Test Machine

Programmable Fuel Injector Module (PFIM)

The PFIM pronounced (pee-fim) is our most successful electronic product in the diesel market. This circuit board product was initially designed to integrate into a test machine for the purposes of firing a diesel fuel injector for production or endur... Read More
Circuit Board

Peak Detection Module

This is circuit board is a two channel module that detects a slope change on an analog signal and captures this value as a voltage. The unit is jumper configurable to detect positive slopes or negative slopes. External inputs put … Read More
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