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Spray Angle Inspection Machine

As part of an In Process Testing Machine MCM was asked to develop an automated Spray Angle Inspection capability to eliminate operator subjectivity when inspecting for correct angles of spray streams produced by an Injector nozzle. This machine perfo... Read More

Water Pump Test Machine

The MCM water pump testers are designed to test a myriad of pump functions, and are used in R&D as well as durability testing. Electric or mechanical pump designs can be tested to ensure your product quality. Background Water pumps … Read More

Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Testing Data Sheet

The MCM Hydraulic Hybrid test machine is designed to test hydraulic hybrid drive systems, typically in use on large commercial and industrial vehicles for reductions in fuel consumption, brake wear, and CO2 emissions. The test machine is integral wit... Read More
Transmission Valve Body Testing Data Sheet

Transmission Valve Body Characterization and Test System Data Sheet

The MCM transmission valve body test line is comprised of MCM test machines, Hirata transport and MCM oil removal stations as a turnkey system. The machines test the functionality of the valve body as well as characterize its performance for …... Read More
Rotating Control Device Durability Machine

Rotating Control Device Durability Test Machine (RCD) Data Sheet

The MCM Rotating Control Device (RCD) durability machine is used to validate functionality / durability of RCDs prior to being installed in the field. This machine performs static, dynamic and stripping tests. Ensuring the seal integrity prior to ins... Read More
Programmable Fuel Injection Module

Programmable Fuel Injection Module Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the Programmable Fuel Injection Module or “PFIM” is to provide the consumer with a means of firing a diesel fuel injector in a manner that duplicates the vehicle application. Background A typical modern electronic diesel injector r... Read More
Pressure sensor test machine

Pressure Sensor Calibration System Test Machine Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the MCM pressure sensor calibration system is to calibrate and test production pressure sensors in large volumes. This particular system takes data at room temperature, then heat soaks the parts in an oven and then takes data … ... Read More
General fuel testing machines

Gas and Diesel Fuel System Test Machines Data Sheet

We have extensive experience in the diesel and gas fuel system industries, having built machines for testing injectors, tips, nozzle assemblies and pumps. We’ve also built machines to gage or set various fuel system components and other machines to... Read More

Fuel Injector Nozzle Test Machine Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the Michigan Custom Machines fuel injector nozzle test machine is to test a fuel injector nozzle assembly for mass flow, valve opening pressure (VOP) and leakage. Depending on the fuel system, the nozzle assembly could be a … Read More
fuel-system-bench test machine

Common Rail System Development Bench Product Data Sheet

The purpose of the Michigan Custom Machine’s Common Rail System development Bench, is to actuate a complete diesel common rail fuel system as it would on the engine and measure its performance. This machine is also Class 1, Division 1 rated &h... Read More
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