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Bearing Durability Bench Test Machine

Wheel Hub Bearing Test Bench

This machine has two stations designed to spin a wheel hub under radial and axial loads for extended periods of time. The machine is completely programmable and can be adapted to several different wheel hub styles. This bench has two … Read More
Transmission Pump Production Test Machine

Transmission Pump Production Test Machines

This machine accepts a transmission hydraulic pump from the assembly line and performs a full functional test on the unit. The hydraulic connections are made automatically once the safety door has been closed and locked. Results are stored and associ... Read More
Laboratory Characterization Bench

Transmission Fluid Test Bench

This machine conditions transmission fluid from -40 degrees C to 150 degrees C and delivers it, in a pressure controlled fashion to a test specimen inside an environmental chamber This bench was designed to condition transmission fluid in a target &h... Read More
Transmission Valve Body Test Machine

Transmission Valve Body Tester

This machine production tests a truck transmission valve body for performance functionality. Manually loaded and unloaded by an operator, the part is automatically engaged, clamped and submerged in transmission fluid to be tested in a simulated vehic... Read More
Oil Control Valve Production Test Machine

Oil Control Valve Test Machine

Automatically performs a complete functional test on an oil control valve, laser marks the part and packs it out to shipping trays. This machine is completely automated and functionally tests an engine oil control valve. Every 9 seconds a part &helli... Read More
Universal Hydraulic Test Bench

Universal Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturer

Designed for shop testing of oil pumps, valves, cylinders, and motors – MCM’s laboratory hydraulic test bench that a temperature conditioned oil supply and pressure control that OEM’s use for developing their products. This universal OEM hydrau... Read More
EUI Injector Flush Bench Test Machine

EUI Injector Flush Bench

This bench was designed to flush debris and old fuel from warranty returned fuel injectors so that they won’t contaminate the test machines when they are evaluated for failure. This bench is designed to flush out diesel fuel injectors that &hel... Read More
Hydraulic Hybrid Test Machine

Custom Hydraulic Hybrid Test Bench

This machine was designed to functionally test a hydraulic hybrid system designed for large refuse and delivery vehicles. The part being tested was the largest we’ve ever worked with weighing in at over 4000 pounds. The test performed was quite... Read More
Fuel Pump Module Endurance Machine

Fuel Pump Module Test Bench

This bench is custom designed to test 84 fuel pump modules (or fuel delivery modules) simultaneously with various fuels in an explosion proof environment. Tests can be performed on groups of six across fourteen different baths with independent fuels ... Read More
Gasoline Fuel Injector Calibrator Test Machine

Gas Fuel Injector Calibration Machine

This machine breaks in and calibrates gasoline fuel injectors in a production environment. A locking reject chute requires operators to properly isolate unconforming material before another part can be tested or removed from a test fixture. This mach... Read More
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