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Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Testing

  The MCM hydraulic hybrid transmission testing machine is designed to test hydraulic hybrid drive systems, being put to use on large commercial and industrial vehicles for the reduction in fuel consumption, brake wear, and CO2 emissions. The te... Read More

Rotating Control Device Durability Test Machine For Large Drilling Operations

The MCM Rotating Control Device (RCD) durability machine is used to validate functionality / durability of RCDs prior to being installed in the field. This machine performs static, dynamic and stripping tests. Ensuring the seal integrity prior to ins... Read More
Pressure Transducer Test and Calibration System

Pressure Transducer Test and Calibration System

This system tests and calibrates pressure transducers in high volume using high pressure air. The parts are loaded and unloaded by a single operator and tracked by bar code as they are transferred through the system. Air pressure is controlled &helli... Read More
Rocker arm test machine

Rocker Arm Test Machine

This machine performs an end of line test on a rocker arm used in a diesel engine. This rocker arm is unique in that it is part of an integral, engine compression brake system and has special machined oil passages … Read More

Oil Control Valve (OCV) Test Machine

This machine is an End of Line (EOL) tester for testing oil control valves that are used to activate and deactivate an engine compression brake. The product is manually loaded by an operator into the test machine and the product … Read More

Diesel Engine Brake Performance Tester

This machine performs end of line testing on an engine compression brake assembly. The brake assembly is loaded by an operator on an entrance conveyor and a Pick and Place in the machine moves it between test, oil purge and … Read More
Production Transmission Valve Body Characterization System

Production Transmission Valve Body Characterization System

This system is one of many global systems we have built. Fully automated, it accepts a newly assembled transmission valve body, tests it as it would be testing in the transmission, including engaging electrical connectors, submerging in temperature c... Read More
Engine Oil pump and Vacuum Pump Development Bench

Engine Oil pump and Vacuum Pump Development Bench

This machine was designed with development in the laboratory in mind. This machine simulates a hot, temperature controlled oil sump and drives an oil pump, vacuum pump or both and then makes performance measurements. The machine has a temperature and... Read More
Bearing Durability Bench Test Machine

Wheel Hub Endurance Test Bench

This machine has two stations designed to spin a wheel hub under radial and axial loads for extended periods of time. The machine is completely programmable and can be adapted to several different wheel hub styles. This bench has two … Read More
Transmission Pump Production Test Machine

Transmission Pump Production Test

This machine accepts a transmission hydraulic pump from the assembly line and performs a full functional test on the unit. The hydraulic connections are made automatically once the safety door has been closed and locked. Results are stored and associ... Read More
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