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Pressure Transducer Test and Calibration System

Pressure Transducer Tester Manufacturer

This system tests and calibrates pressure transducers in high volume using high pressure air. The parts are loaded and unloaded by a single operator and tracked by bar code as they are transferred through the system. Air pressure is controlled &helli... Read More
Steering Column Lock Endurance Test Machine

Steering Column Test Machines

This general accessory testing machine is designed to accept a steering column for a large commercial truck and load it through a programmable region of motion. The locking mechanism will also be released whether it be a hand lever or … Read More
Windshield Washer Fluid Preheat Test Machine

Windshield Washer Heater Tester

We have built a variety of these windshield washer fluid heater testing machines. Machines range from manual loading and unloading to fully automatic loading. Testing involves measuring flow, temperature, current and pressure in various scenarios. Th... Read More
Fuel Tank Vapor Test Machine

Fuel Vapor Tube assembly and test

This general accessory testing machine assembles a vapor tube subassembly by inserting a fitting onto a flexible tube and then plugs the end to perform a leak test. The machine is manually loaded by an operator and assembles two sub … Read More
Hood Hinge Set Test Machine

Hood Hinge Set and Gauging Machine

This general accessory testing machine performs a hood hinge “stop” adjustment, closes the hinge and then and then performs a gauging operation at two points to verify closing height and angle. The machine performs the operation on the se... Read More
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