MCM: Your Partner in Testing EV & Alternative Fuel Components

Change and uncertainty can be worrisome, especially in an industry with over a century of conventional gasoline and diesel powertrain technology. A rapidly accelerating drive for new transportation and propulsion methods means changes for OEMs and suppliers alike. Whether it be R&D, validation testing, or manufacturing of these new technologies, there are several areas which require extra scrutiny and attention to detail for safety and performance.

MCM has helped our customers move forward into this fast paced industry with test and assembly line equipment. Whether you have a vehicle battery system that needs Hi-Pot certification on the assembly line, a leak tester for an EV’s cooling system, or high voltage testing of hybrid vehicle components, MCM has the knowledge, skill and experience to be a part of your success. We offer standalone and fully integrated test systems and assembly solutions. Our fully in-house engineering, manufacturing, and service support teams allow us to design, build and service your equipment with the knowledge and expertise you deserve.

Please contact our Sales Team for the opportunity to discuss your testing and manufacturing machine needs.


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